Daily Farm News

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Hear From Us!

Hello Folks, We have many new things going on lately in the Heritage Farm community! One of our groups is working on a new set of Chicken eggs. Watching these eggs and caring for them until they hopefully hatch. Our groups have really taken off in the Green House these last several months. There are many new Calla Lily's growing as well as one group has started a new batch of Spinach that will hopefully grow into a large patch to be sold on our Farm stand. There are many people to thank for helping to get the new Plugs ready in the Green House as well! We are excited to say that with the weather starting to look like it will agree to let the Sun shine we will be out and about hiking around the many beautiful trails Madison County has to offer. Be sure to look for lots of groups walking around the area enjoying the weather and exercise. We want to say we are proud of several of our own Heritage Farmers who have found themselves working in the Local Community. We have always wanted our peers to be able to prove themselves in the work place and we are proud to say that we are out in the community working! Lastly we would like to thank Hamilton Public Library for showcasing ours and many others art work throughout the month of March!