Daily Farm News

Community Habilitation

Currently we serve participants in Oneida, Chittenango, Madison, New Woodstock, Leonardsville, Erieville and Hamilton. Our staff members work with their participants on improving skills in the areas of:
  • Personal hygiene
  • Money
  • Pro-social behaviors
  • Housekeeping
  • Self-advocating
  • Life-safety
  • Travel training, and
  • Self-care.
Our staff’s goal is to assist the participants in their own community to reach their individualized goals of independency in the above named skills. They learn and practice these newly developed skills by utilizing community stores, restaurants, gyms, outdoor trails, local farms, volunteer opportunities, participant’s homes as well as many other locations. We have a small program in comparison to other OPWDD vendors but we are making a big difference in the lives of our participants by helping them increase their independence levels in all areas of their lives. We value assisting our participants reach their potential growth and skill development.