Daily Farm News

Day Habilitation

We assist our participants to develop skills in many areas including positive social behaviors, communication, patterns of living, safety, competency in housekeeping, personal care, health care, health related and recreation activities, self-advocacy, community inclusion and relationship building, money management, reading and writing as well as many other skills areas all through utilizing our vast rural resources and opportunities.  
  • Weekly Volunteering Opportunities: Crouse Community Center – Singing, Madison Lanes Apartments – Recycling, Wanderer’s Rest Humane Society – Animal Care and Nurturing. 
  • 4H Curriculum and Agricultural Science: to give a broad variety of rural farming and animal teachings.
  • Monthly Outings for the Whole Site: Picnics at Verona Beach, Dinner at Chinese Buffet in Utica, Syracuse Zoo. 
  • Heritage Happenings Newsletter: All program activities, reporting assignments, interviews, and editing. 
  • Music Therapy: Weekly rehearsals and performance opportunities throughout the year.
  • Fitness activities: Colgate Gym /Track, hiking on site and local trails, Wii fitness, tabletop bicycles, resistance bands and free weights. 
  • Cultural trips: Oneida Indian Nation Shako:wi Cultural Center, Earlville Opera House & Art Gallery, Cazenovia library and Art Park & Museum of Curiosities, Fort Stanwix, Mansion House, Loomis Gang Territory. 
  • Cooking skills: Exploring International cuisine as well as culture, kitchen safety and Top Chef Competition. 
  • Horticulture: Greenhouse & gardens. Learning and participating in the seed to plant food cycle. 
  • Computers and technology:  Learning how to use computers in daily living. 
  • Scrapbooking and Heritage Farm archives: Collecting and preserving our history 
  • Quarterly Classes: Sign Language, Tree huggers, Sewing for Charity, Native American Studies, arts and woodworking. 
  • Skill Streaming: Money recognition, budgeting, math, reading, writing, Circles relationship skills, & self-advocacy
  • Exceptional Arts & Unique Magazine: mediums to display drawings, paintings, paper Mache creations & quilts. 
  • Social stories, group discussions, role playing and role reversal to reinforce skill acquisition and retention. 
  • Animal Therapy: Potbelly pigs and piglets; Zebu bull, cow and calves; Mini Donkey jenny and jeanette; various Peacocks; Oberhasli and Saanen goats; Mini Rex, Lion-Head and Crème D’argent rabbits; Miniature horse; Yellow-Golden pheasants; Homing pigeons as well as the Farm Dog and cat, Char-Lee and Demi.