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Teaching Philosophy

One principle of teaching is based on the belief that an individual’s ability to retain and apply new information is more easily captured through a repetitious and continual delivery of the newly developing skills. By nature, farming is cyclical and thus full of seasonally occurring life lessons and experiences. Through well executed planning and consistent teaching, one can find them self in a supportive and cultivated environment where new experiences are welcomed and enjoyable learning is unknowingly taking place.


The mission of Heritage Farm, Inc. is to provide an individualized program for each participant that reflects the founding belief that farming and rural life foster self-worth, independence and a sense of responsibility toward family, friends and community. We hold to the principle that the person comes first, not the disability.

Core Beliefs and Values to Service Delivery

1. Intention:

The programs and services of Heritage Farm, Inc. utilize a homegrown curriculum which cultivates unique rural teaching methods with the individual’s interests, and outcomes central to the planning process. The programs embody innovative and resourceful ideas for service delivery which are delicately balanced between the ISP driven “teachable moment(s)” and the enriching benefits that present themselves when being part of a rural farming community.

2. Relationship:

Heritage Farm, Inc. strives to create an environment of genuine compassion, empathy and concern between staff and those we serve. It is our belief that placing emphasis on the development and maintenance of strong, therapeutic relationships where we as “teachers” demonstrate a willingness and an understanding of what individuals are feeling and/or going through which creates a natural, safe and supportive educational environment to foster individual growth.

3. Inclusion:

Through assimilation of individuals with varying abilities, services at Heritage Farm support the development of strong family bonds, friendships and community relations. Carefully planned enriching experiences provide the opportunity as well as the environment for open and equal association amongst people with diverse abilities.

4. Empowerment:

Heritage Farm, Inc. believes in encouraging people to strive for and to reach their full potential. It is our belief that greater self worth and independence can be achieved through individuals experiencing ownership and feeling a sense of accomplishment. We are committed to providing unique farming experiences for which individuals can succeed both in recreation and in life.

5. Quality:

At Heritage Farm, Inc. quality is the elevated degree of excellence at which we strive to infuse into all aspects of the agencies’ operations. High quality insures that our participants can learn in a safe, enjoyable, and educational environment where each person will receive the premier levels of staff support while utilizing our multitude of agency resources.