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Respite & Recreational

Weekly Programs


Respite services at Heritage Farm were brought about to assist the families and caregivers of individuals with developmental disabilities in finding a break in their busy, everyday schedules. We at Heritage Farm want you, the primary caregiver, to enjoy your weekends without worrying if your loved one is safe.
     Throughout our decades of respite service, we have remained committed to the safety and enjoyment of every individual we serve with sensitivity to each persons social and learning style. Staff are trained and supervised to provide care that assists individuals with fun filled experiences, which also encourage development in life skills, self efficacy, self confidence and independence. Staff is here to guard the health and well being of all participants in our charge, and we strive to develop a thorough understanding of each persons needs.
     While being encouraged to practice social and life skills, participants will enjoy each fun filled weekend at Heritage Farm. We strive to make every visit filled with activities so enjoyable, your loved one will want to come home and tell you how much they did, how much fun they had and how much they want to come back for more.


Hourly Programs

After School Agriculture Program

The After School Agriculture Program is designed to support school-aged children with disabilities and their sibling. In this program, children practice various skills incorporating rural farm activities and involvement in the community. Currently enrolled in this program are children ranging from 9-16 years old.
Some of our educational activities:

  • Local farm trips to learn about the food cycle.
  • Painting flower pots for Mother’s Day and sleds for Christmas.
  • “Becoming a Scientist” through using our 5 senses to observe and record while we experiment with textures and investigate plant leaves.
  • Helping in the greenhouse by watering and transferring plants.
  • Working in the woodshop to build birdhouses, flower pots, shelves and sleds
  • Cooking in the kitchen; pasta salads, cookies and cupcakes.
  • Creating music with drums, piano and our voices.
  • Physical fitness activities: catch, making and using stress balls, bowling, Wii fitness.
  • Animal therapy and care with rabbits, horse, pigs, zebus, chickens and mini horses.


Heritage Summer Program

The Summer Program is a 6 week program for kids up to age 21. The program offers a wide variety of experiences in farm as well as public settings. On the Farm, we maintain our own garden and harvest the vegetables. We prepare snacks and meals from our harvest.  We also take part in animal care, such as: cleaning and feeding the rabbits, cleaning out the chickens and checking for eggs, watering the animals and partaking in daily pet therapy by walking and brushing the goats. Summer Program offers recreational opportunities as well as arts and crafts each day.  Once a week we plan a group meal together, shop, cook ……..and most of all….. enjoy eating it!  e also go swimming to different locations each Friday. We have been to Green Lake State Park, Verona Beach, Sherburne Pool, Madison Lake, and Oneida Pool to name a few. We prepared a summer picnic for the all the Farm programs and hosted a Talent Show which was fun for all! We conclude our Summer Program with an amusement park trip followed by dinner out. As you can see we pack a lot of experiences into 6 weeks.