Daily Farm News

Supported Employment

IMG Supported employment (SEMP) is an alternative to traditional sheltered and competitive employment approaches. It is an attempt to meet the specific needs of individuals with disabilities and is based on fundamentally different principles and assumptions. The supported work model assumes that all individuals, regardless of the nature or extent of their disabilities, should have the opportunity and support to work in the community.

There are no pre-requisite skills needed for community job success. The task, therefore, is not to identify and place “work ready” individuals, but rather to locate and/or modify meaningful jobs in the community and provide training and supports at the job site.

Our SEMP workers are provided the opportunity and the support to successfully accomplish tasks at Heritage Farm as well as other local farms and events.  Currently, we employ individuals to care for our animals, work in the greenhouse and gardens, provide maintenance and repairs to buildings as well as complete needed grounds work.